About SAME

SAME's main goal is to improve the action capacity of educational organizations to support the social and cultural integration of migrants.

Every country in Europe has to deal with migrants but a lot of times these migrants do not participate at trainings or educational programs because of language, motivation and other problems. SAME wants to overcome these problems by focusing on:

  1. how to inform and motivate migrants to participate at trainings and educational programs ;
  2. best forms of training and educational programs for migrants.

We want to detect, analyse, transfer and disseminate:

  1. the main barriers for engaging in learning schemes ;
  2. alternative and creative methods to motivate, train and educate migrants. In the partnership, we have a wide range of organizations that organise: various kinds of language courses for migrants, that support their participation to their new countries or that use creative and new methods.

SAME will base its methodology on the experience of partners, open interviews with migrants and educators, exchange and discussions with both target groups during the mobilities. Furthermore the following questions will be discussed:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternative and creative learning methods for migrants?
  • How can education providers and accompanying bodies understand better and collaborate with self-organized migrant communities?
  • How to use education for the purpose of emancipation of excluded social groups?


This website is authored and regularly updated by Greta du Velay and to present the activities of the SAME partnership. Greta du Velay is not responsible for the content of the documents coming from the partner countries (Germany, Austria, Turkey, Sweden and Swizerland) that remains under the responsibility of each partner. Greta du Velay is only the author of the "news", and responsible for documents related to the French context and all content that is not directly related to one of the above mentioned countries.

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Launch of "Visualizing Migrant Rights" & "Lens On Life" exhibition at Community Day
Photo: AltCity