Meeting in Bern (CH)

SAME partners have been welcome in Biel and Bern from 4 to 6th of June 2014 by Verband der Schweizerrischen Volkshochschulen. Three learners from le Puy have participated.

Among interesting experiences met or heard about:

  • using the open air markets for informing migrants about the possibilities of training, this information being done by other migrants;
  • coffee for parents: by discussing with other parents, language is used, exchanges are done around children, health, food, information is obtained on activities, languages, budgeting...  (A initiative from VHS)
  • information for fathers so that they are able to deal better with their teenage chidren;
  • "From mother to mother": short courses to discuss questions like "How is the school system structures?", "How can I support my child in school questions/problems?", "How can I speak to the teacher?", "What does the teacher expect from me?". These courses are organised by Famira on six mornings (3 hours each).
  • "Mothers meeting mothers", German courses around family matters organised by Famira during four 3 hour mornings. Content is around "How and when should I say no to my chil?", "When shoulf my child go to bed?", "Which food is good for my child?", "Who will help me when I have problems with my children?".
  • Possibility to use child care services while taking courses (it is included in the price of the courses of Multimondo).
  • Instead of naming a course "Writing for foreigners" or something similar, calling it "Plaisir d'écrire" or "Enjoy writing". It is more attractive and probably more valorising for the participants. (Multimondo)
  • Provision of individual coaching workshops for employment.


Meeting with the Director of the VHS Biel

Presentation of the Multimondo program of courses

Multimondo whiteboard with training and consulting offers

In particular we can see a course based on art activities for migrants who have suffered from trauma.

Our house in Switzerland described by a migrant in a French language course

The full report is available for downloading.