Training opportunities

In this section we describe the training courses that we propose or that we have organised for migrants. We also collect examples of projects that facilitate the participation of immigrants to education. If you want to contribute to the process, you can use the Template project (.doc file) and submit it. We will be happy to include it.

Information about training for migrants is available for the following countries:

Germany and Brandenburg

To get foreign qualifications recognized in Germany: the Recognition Finder

Useful information for migrants living in or coming to Brandenburg

Programs and projects to recruit European workers in Germany



  • Workshops for migrants organised by the Swiss Adult Education Association (Verband der Schweizerischen Volkshochschulen - VSV)



General official information on the possibilities for foreigners to learn French : Web site of the Ministry.

In the frame of the compulsory signature of the CAI (Welcome and Integration Contract) between the State and the migrant wishing to settle in France, the OFII organises an assessment of language needs and finances up to 400 hours of training to become autonomous in the daily life. To get in touch with the French Office for Immigration and Integration location closer to your place.

Reference framework for "French as Integration language", the new concept of French as a foreign language.

ENIC-NARIC, French information centre for the academic and professionnal recognition of qualifications, issues comparability statement for foreign qualifications, provides information on the procedure and on the procedures to follow in order to work in a regulated profession.

Opening school to the parents is an initiative from the Ministry of Education. It consists of providing free training (120 hours per year) to groups of 8-15 parents in secondary or high schools. They are organized during the week, scheduled to accommodate the greatest number of parents. Participants are mainly women (88%). The objectives are:

  • to acquire fluency in French (literacy, or advanced) by teaching French as a second language; 
  • to get to know the principles of the Republic and its values​​; 
  • to acquire a better understanding of the educational institution and of parenthood to provide parents the keys to help their children in school.

(A similar initiative exists in Sweeden as seen in Tyresö)

A list of online French courses available in various languages (compiled by LePointduFLE).