Meeting in Austria

The fifth transnational meeting (24.02.2014-26.02.2014) was organised by Die Kärntner Volkshochschulen in Klagenfurt and Villach (Austria) and focused on actions of integration in rural and urban areas. Participants also had the possibility to talk to migrants, trainers and social pedagogues in different basic education courses. Furthermore they were shown how to produce their own digital story.

Presentations of partners for the workshop "Integration of migrants in rural areas and in urban areas":

Exchange with migrants in a language course:


Visual representations of the countries of origin of immigrants:

Gerda Sandriesser, member of Villach city council, presents the developing process of a vision regarding migration and integration:

Marika gruber presents the Handbook "Actions of integration in rural areas":

She has also published "Integration im ländlichen Raum".

SAME partners in Die Kärntner Volkshochschulen:

You can also download the:

  • Agenda of the Austrian meeting.
  • Report of the Austrian meeting.